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Why Do Wedding Photographers Cost So Much?!

Why do Wedding photographers cost so much? - Wedding Couple

The Big Question?

      The big question many newly engaged couples seem to be asking, "Why do wedding photographers cost so much?" I recently came across an article by a photographer friend of ours from Winnipeg, Joel Ross; it touches on confusion some couples have about photographic prices and how they are determined. The big question: why is there such a big difference in prices between Wedding Photographers?

"Carefully selecting the right photographer is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding day. Besides your photographer, there's no one who's going to be with you more on your day than your groom - so you'd better love both your groom and your photographer too!"

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Peary Family

Mira, Kira, Deja, Tarik, Carson & Indigo were all great and fun to photograph.

Each with their own unique character.

Couldn't say enough about these kids. They were wonderful.