Chateau Field Trip

Chateau Field Trip

Chateau Field Trip

A foreword

Before I get to my next blog post "Chateau Field Trip" I would like to apologize for the long delay between posts, I have every intention of finishing my story which will unravel the secrets and truths behind Chateau de la Beuvriere, Susan “Stayne” (Dohan, Jackson, Parker-Jones or whatever name she is going by now), as well as her Willy, William Scott Dohan. I am going to be a little more focused in this regard after my recent journey to France and hearing how things haven’t changed but continue to worsen a year later.

Now that that’s out of the way, the last blog I wrote was the “20 Million Dollar Gift” after which I was contacted by a few old employees of Mme. Stayne as well as some old Co-Workers from before her recent marriage to William when she was a headhunter. Of course, the more I learn the more I understand. I am open to hearing from everyone and anyone who has had experience with this woman. Now back to our story!

Mistletoe Kisses

It was the day before the wedding; Janet had the van ready. The sun was shining, though the chateau as always was freezing on this March morning. Today Rod, Susan, Charlize-Joelle, my mother Arlene, and I are heading out on a chateau field trip of sorts (almost feel like I'm in class here lol!). Douglas came along for the day trip as well. We were going for champagne tasting, lunch, and a look at some old medieval architecture for which France is famous.

We drove South-East towards Saumur along the Loire River passing by and through quaint old villages. They all seemed sleepy to me at the time, then again it could have just been me as I was feeling a little bit of jet lag. As we drove by forests of trees, Arlene noticed a vine that grows and entangles itself around the branches and trunk of the trees. She asked Janet what they are, and turns out it was the first time we’ve ever actually seen mistletoe. You always think of it as some cute, corny, yet romantic holiday tradition to kiss under the mistletoe; however, looking at the mistletoe suffocate the trees didn’t quite give me that impression this time.

Is it Champagne, Cuvée, or Brut?

We pulled up to our first tasting of champagne; of course it isn’t truly champagne that we were tasting, I learned, it was either brut or cuvée because the only way it’s allowed to be called champagne is if the grapes are grown in the Champagne region of France. Personally, sometimes cuvee and brut taste better; however, I am not a huge fan of bubbly either way, though the others are, so I took a few sips. We went to two other locations before heading for lunch. The lunch was, if I may say so, quite something else. It wasn’t at a typical restaurant; it was more of a heritage home. The lunch itself was good, however the dinner at Le Pigeon Blanc in Le Lion d’Anjou a few days later was by far the best. Although it was nice to have Janet and Doug join us.

Last stop

Loire Abbey - Chateau Field TripAfterwards we had one last stop in our chateau field trip... a medieval gothic Abbey in Fontevraud l'Abbaye. There the halls and columns were gorgeous. One thing that I can’t get over is not only the beauty of the architecture, but how well it’s been preserved for hundreds of years; sometimes even over 1000 years! There was an area where the stone floor had beautiful emblems marked on them of an RR, of course I took a picture of Rod Rafter as they are his initials after all! Haha!Rod Rafter at the Abbey - Chateau Field Trip







After the long chateau field trip we finally came back to Chateau Allure du Lac. We walked up the staircase stepping over the fallen rock dust and pebbles from the chateau for much deserved rest. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. After all, months of planning and preparation was made for Susan and Rod’s wedding vow renewal. It would be a beautiful vow renewal, though we would have to deal with a few unnecessary hitches.

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  1. Gabrielle Kang
    Wow! Your trip must have been very interesting! And You took a picture of our teacher; Mr. Rod Rafter1
  2. Gabrielle Kang
    Wow! Your trip must have been very interesting! And You took a picture of our teacher; Mr. Rod Rafter1
    • It was a very interesting trip, although I didn't quite finish my story about it as life gets busy. I will continue it for sure one day soon.

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