Les Photos à Paris – 40th Anniversary

Les Photos à Paris – 40th Anniversary

Les Photos à Paris - Dan & Roxanna Denis' 40th Anniversary

Dan and Roxanna came in to discuss their 40th wedding anniversary photos. We started planning some images with the exact same Lincoln they strung cans that clattered on the road as they drove off in a hurry as amorous newlyweds 40 years ago. We laughed and chatted; they mentioned that they were heading overseas for a European vacation through multiple countries and cities including Paris.

We were sitting around the table talking about all the things we could do to celebrate their 40th anniversary. A crazy thought zapped through Arlene’s mind, “Where are they going to be in Europe and when? We’ll be in France early spring for a wedding; what if they’re in the area at the same time?” Arlene mentioned that we were set to fly to France to photograph a wedding in March at a chateau (yes the same chateau that I’ve been writing about and will be continuing the series shortly, sorry about the delay everyone!)

Coincidentally, Dan and Roxanna were arriving in Paris a couple days before us. The stars must have aligned or something! It was kind of a “Wow! Imagine that? What are the odds!” kind of laugh that filled the library where we do our consultations. You could see a sparkle in both Dan and Roxanna’s eyes, a bit of excitement that they would be able to capture such a special time.

Arrivé à Paris

The Towering Eiffel, ParisFast forward a few weeks and we’re hopping planes from Vancouver to Paris. Arlene and I were getting as much sleep as possible on the flight as we knew we would be photographing within 4 hours of our arrival.

I must say, as soon as you arrive in France everything is different: sounds, smells, styles, even the air seems different. It’s exciting; it is definitely one of my favorite countries. I don’t care what stigma people may have about the French I find them to be very friendly and welcoming, even the border guards I find friendlier than back home… could be just me, but I’m sticking to it. Who can’t be in a good mood in a country of culinary culture? Yeah that’s right I think with my stomach a lot… don’t judge.



2016 'Oaked' Red Berry Juice

We took transit from Charles de Gaulle airport to our hotel. Unloaded our bags, sorted our camera equipment and jetted off to catch the next train on the metro. We were meeting Dan & Roxanna over near the Champs de Mars by the Eiffel Tower. I was looking all around until I heard Arlene shout out “There they are, on the other side of the road!” As she said, there they were, dressed well for the weather (I wished I had packed warmer clothes, March there was surprisingly colder than it was in the Fraser Valley). Dan had just finished purchasing the last prop for the picnic photoshoot, a big cup of red berry juice. I know what you’re thinking, ‘why red berry juice? Wine flows like the river in France!’ Well for a country where you can drink in parks freely, as ironic as it sounds, one of the places you are not allowed to drink wine in Paris is on Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower… thus red berry juice. It was pretty good actually and looked the part.

Les Photos sur les Champs de Mars

We definitely had a few good chuckles about the “red wine” as Dan chivalrously poured a glass for Roxanna from the wine bottle he just filled moments ago. We had a make-shift blanket (a couple of scarves) pulled out for their picnic with a nice baguette and some beautifully aromatic unpasteurized French cheese along with the classic “Vache qui rit” (Canadian laws are really behind the times on what’s good. If you haven’t been to France, you have no idea what you’re missing! Legislation puts our cheese to shame).

I crouched down for the shot and pressed the trigger when I heard the sound of their wine glasses touching softly. You can see the playfulness in their eyes.
After the photoshoot, Dan & Roxanna took us out for the season’s specialty “Vin Chaud”, a nice hot red wine with a few extra spices that just warmed your soul. We enjoyed the company; it’s always something special to meet with someone you know in a foreign country. It is a definitely a photoshoot and an experience we’ll never forget!

Paris Photoshoot with Dan & Roxanna

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  1. Fabulous. You tell the story in an animated and exciting way!
  2. […]       We got ourselves settled at the hotel that Rod and Susan booked for us. It was conveniently close to the metro; we quickly headed out to photograph another client that just happened to be in Paris as well for their anniversary (talk about stars aligning). I wrote another blog about it which you can read here: http://www.photoart.ca/chateau-diaries/les-photos-a-paris-40th-anniversary […]

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