Boudoir Photography & Body Art

Boudoir Photography

An intimate reflection of you...

Boudoir images have been created since before the creation of photography, from sculptures and paintings during the Renaissance to the beautiful boudoir photography of today. This is the most beautiful art form. Whether you are doing it as an empowering experience for yourself, or you are presenting it as a special gift that only you can give, boudoir photography is an experience you will never forget!

The boudoir photographers at Photoart by Simpson are educated and trained in light & shadow sculpting with European influences. Creating a unique and signature style which can only be found and identified as being photographed by the Simpson team.

"To be in harmony with yourself is to be able to move freely as if waves in the ocean; the silken water is most pure when it is not clouded by discomfort of its own movements" - A.W.

Photoart by Simpson believes in discretion and privacy. All images displayed are by written permission only.

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