Visit with Santa

A Visit with Santa



The mystery of Santa captures the imagination and wonder of children. They dream of having a visit with Santa.. you know, the real friendly old man in the fluffy red suit. They want to hear stories from him about his adventures; hear about Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. He's real in the hearts of so many children; and they can hardly wait for winter when they know he will be coming by. The iconic Ho Ho Ho! bellowing from his belly with a big jolly smile fills the room with warmth. There is nothing more magical for a child than to meet Santa himself. 


Heirloom Memories with Santa


When I was 4 years old, my sister, my cousin and I had a visit with Santa, and even had portraits done with him. We spent a lot of time with him chatting, and playing, it was really exciting! Well... Santa was my uncle Richard, but at the time I didn't know. I still remember the experience to this day. Though, I must say, the framed portrait that my parents pull out each year definitely helps keep the memory of Santa alive. It's a tradition for the family when we pull out the Christmas tree, we pull out our portrait with Santa. Do you see that one there, up on the stairs with the little Santa hat, is the cutest most adorable little child you've ever seen... ok, you're right it's me so I'm a little biased... but cute right???


That is where it all started... I feel that meeting Santa Claus was such a great experience as a child, that it would be something amazing to carry on for other children. To have a keep sake of a real memory with Santa... Something different from sitting on a lap and getting a cheap candy cane at the mall. A real experience and memory, drinking milk and eating cookies, seeing their name on the nice list, reading a book, finding the North Pole on the globe, and just so much more! All the little things that create the real magic of a visit with Santa.




Sharing the Memory

Visit with Santa Magic Globe


Little Hailey was the first to visit with Santa. She was shy at first, but after a few minutes she was overjoyed! When it was time to go home she told her mom that Santa is her best friend. She told her mom all the things they did together; forgetting that mom was sitting right there, watching Hailey the whole time; delighted that her daughter was enjoying her visit with Santa.





Book a Visit with Santa



Spaces are limited, Santa will be visiting for 6 days only November 1,2,3 &8,9,10th. Sessions are $99 for a half hour magical visit & portraits with Santa. Special event packages are available. Please call 604-859-4222 for more details on times, pricing, and to book this memory that will last a lifetime. Or send us an email through our Contact Page.




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