Grad Spring Cleaning

Grad Spring Cleaning

Cardboard Boxes

The other day I was cleaning through some old boxes, which, I had been procrastinating with a little. Now, when I say old, for me it is. The contents are 10 years old; I rediscovered my grad year. My W.J. Mouat grad book is full of signatures from friends, teachers, and anyone else who wanted to sign. Half the people I couldn’t even remember to tell you the truth. But there they were; little scribbles and smart remarks of promises to keep in touch for years to come. It’s funny how quickly time passes once you leave high school. This year is my 10 year reunion; I thought about going, but in the end I’m only in touch with one person from my grad year, my best friend who I see regularly.

Finding Treasure

Digging in deeper I found a little photo book that my parents made for me so I would remember my grad. Looking at the photos, I can see myself starring back; almost as if I knew I would be looking at my future self from the photo one day. In my grad photo I’m wearing a black fedora; I have a young baby face (I could barely grow facial hair at that point! Haha!), I was wearing a striped shirt and a vest, I looked quite ‘dapper’ if I may say so myself. I was going for the 50s kind of look, and my best friend wore the same; he changed it up a bit though with a blue shirt and white fedora. (We always had to be a little different from the rest of the crowd).

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On the way to grad, my buddies and I got a ride in the back of an old, restored, Ford pickup truck driven by my Grandpa Al who had put a number of years into restoring it. Originally, it was my father’s truck. He owned it when he was just a few years older than I am now… but then you have kids and the whole gambit, if you know what I mean. This made it pretty special to me. I had photos taken with my grandpa, my parents, my buddies, and of course on my own; it brought me back to my grad in a way I didn’t realize it would.

My prom was at the Pink Palace (or as it’s formally known: the Pacific Inn in Surrey). It was a great night; my friends and I went stag and danced the night away. We took lots of selfies and just had a great time. In the hallway there were some giant chairs where we posed for some ‘I’m the king in the castle’ type shots; it was goofy, but fun. I can’t actually find those photos anymore… I think I lost them when my computer crashed a few years back. Doesn’t matter though, they were nothing fancy just fun.

Great Memories

It brought back a lot of memories; both the good times and the bad (yes, as awesome as I am I’ve been through rough times lol). Looking through the photo book, it really made me reflect where I came from and where I am now. Looking back, that was the time that really started to shape me into the person that I am today.
It may sound biased coming from a ‘now’ professional photographer, but I’m glad I have this photo book. In my opinion, I would be really missing out on forgotten memories had my parents not taken the time to get one for me.


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