Photo Coaching

Photo Coaching


Andrew offers one on one photo coaching to up and coming photographers and seasoned veterans alike.

Whether you just started your business, have been working hard part-time for a few years or are a full time professional there is a wealth of knowledge that can be learned from Andrew Simpson.

Andrew Simpson has owned his business for 41 years, and has supported his family as a full time photographer. He has spoken and given seminars internationally in Scandinavia, Europe, America, the Carribean. He is the past chairman of the Professional Photographers of Canada and has been a driving force within the photographic community for many years.

When you are being coached by Andrew Simpson, he is an open book. Whether you want to know about how to run your business profitably, how to figure out pricing, how to get the perfect lighting for that majestic photograph that's been eluding you. He will answer any questions you may have and he will guide you down the path to photographic success, both artistically and financially.

To find out how coaching can help you take your business to the next level, call to set up an appointment.


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