Shannon and Matthew’s Wedding

Shannon and Matthew's Wedding

August 20th had to be one of the hottest days this year. Hard to believe with the cold we're experiencing now. It was amazing being a part of Shannon and Matthew's wedding. We've been close friends with Shannon's parents, Dennis & Vicki from Ronald Allan Clothiers, ever since we were all together in Cedar Park Shopping Centre over 30 years ago. Andrew even photographed their wedding!

Shannon and Matthew's wedding was beautiful, full of emotion, and everyone came together to make it great. From dad (Dennis) helping the boys look sharp to mom (Vicki)  drawing the laces on Shannon's beautiful dress while Steve watched on the bed sad because he wouldn't be at the wedding... that's the black French bulldog!

There were a lot of fun moments like when Matthew tied the necktie for one of his groomsmen who couldn't quite get it. However, the most beautiful, emotional moment was the look of anticipation on Shannon's face just before she walked down the aisle. The smile in Matthew's eyes as the woman he loves walked to meet him. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful moment.

Little Side Story

Growing up, photographs weren't a big part of Matthew's life. So, in the beginning, when Shannon nicely informed him they were to have wedding pictures taken, he had no idea how long they would actually take and what was involved. We talked with Shannon and Matthew at a consultation. He was a little surprised at first that it wasn't just going to be one or two photos and done. He opened up to the idea and ran with it. As it turns out the photos by the piano and with Steve (the French Bulldog) were some of their favorites (and his personal requests).

Congratulations to the newly married couple

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